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The objective of creating this web site is to work for the development of our language- the Pashto language, the language of the Afghans.  We are very proud of our language, culture, values, and traditions.  However, it is very sad to note that the Pashto language has not yet achieved its place, which it deserves very much.

As you would agree that in the present technological age, the use of computers is must for development.  Therefore,  endeavor was made to develop a software that will enable all the Pashto speaking and Pashto loving people to make use of computers for the development and advancement of this wonderful language.  Today, that goal has been achieved to some extent and Insha-Allah endeavors will continue to do more and more.

Apart from this, KHPALA PASHTO has several other plans, which you would come to know about during a tour of the site.




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